Scandinavian home design - where it all began

Nordic Nest, formerly known as Scandinavian Design Center, has been active since 2002. Today it is the leading online retailer for everyone who loves Scandinavian home design.

The Nordic Nest product range for your home

Discover everything on offer that will make your home shine in Scandinavian style. From elegant designer lights to stylish home accessories. These include flower pots, candlesticks and vases. Textiles are also included, such as wool blankets and carpets. Nordic Nest also offers tableware, teapots, cutlery, coffee cups and first-class designer furniture. In the range you will find timeless favorites from brands such as HAY, Broste Copenhagen, Ferm Living, Design Letters and Bloomingville.

Nordic Nest presents more than 34,000 products. These products come from leading Scandinavian brands. These include Swedish brands such as Scandi Living, String and Cooee Design. There are also Danish brands such as HKLiving, House Doctor, Stelton and Kay Bojesen Denmark. Finnish brands are also represented, including Marimekko, Iittala and Fiskars. These brands are known worldwide for their stylish home decor. The range is constantly growing to offer you the best of Scandinavian design.

At Nordic Nest you will find home design for all areas of your home. The wide range includes Scandinavian lighting, home accessories, tableware, carpets, vases, trays and flower pots. Are you looking for a window sconce for Christmas? New wine glasses for parties? Or candlesticks for Advent? At Nordic Nest you will find everything, including Nordic Nest vouchers.

Design philosophy

Nordic Nest's design philosophy is characterized by a clear focus on Scandinavian design and timeless elegance. Here are some important aspects:

Simple and practical: Nordic Nest strives for simple and practical designs that meet the demands of modern life. The products should not only be aesthetically appealing, but also offer practical use in everyday life.

Minimalism: Scandinavian design is known for its minimalist aesthetic, and Nordic Nest follows this principle. Because less is more. Clear lines, subtle colors and reduced shapes are the focus. They serve to create a calm atmosphere.

Natural elements: The use of natural elements is essential to the design of Nordic Nest. These include wood, linen, wool and ceramics. These elements give the products warmth and texture and are in harmony with the closeness to nature of Scandinavian design.

Craftsmanship and Quality: Nordic Nest places great emphasis on craftsmanship and quality in the manufacture of its products. Experienced craftsmen therefore produce many items. Others come from well-known manufacturers. The goal is to make the products both aesthetic and durable.

Timelessness: A central tenet of Nordic Nest's design philosophy is to create timeless products. These products should last beyond trends and fashions. Nordic Nest avoids excessive decor and fashionable details. The goal is to create products that will still be relevant and desirable for many years to come.

Sustainability at Nordic Nest

Nordic Nest is committed to sustainable business practices and always strives for environmental protection and social responsibility. Here are some of the sustainability efforts that can be highlighted at Nordic Nest:

Eco-friendly elements: Nordic Nest emphasizes the use of eco-friendly elements in the production of its products. This includes selecting recycled products. But it also applies to biodegradable or sustainably produced materials. The aim is to reduce the ecological footprint. At the same time, the impact on the environment is minimal.

Fair trade and ethical purchasing: The company is committed to fair working conditions. It also advocates for fair pay throughout the supply chain. This includes working with suppliers and manufacturers. They must commit to ethical standards. They must also respect the rights of their employees.

Reducing packaging waste: Nordic Nest strives to reduce packaging waste. The company uses environmentally friendly packaging alternatives. This includes recycled paper or biodegradable elements. In addition, measures are taken to minimize the overall use of packaging material without reducing quality.

Climate-neutral initiatives: The company invests in projects to compensate for CO2 emissions in order to balance its own ecological balance. This may include supporting reforestation projects, renewable energy or other initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Nordic Nest in changing society

Transparency and reporting: Nordic Nest values ​​openness about its sustainability efforts. The company publishes regular reports on its progress and goals. These reports focus on environmental protection, social responsibility and ethical business practices.

Raising awareness and customer engagement: The company is actively committed to the environment. It encourages its customers to make sustainable choices. This is done by providing information about environmentally friendly products. It also promotes a sustainable lifestyle. The company also takes part in environmental campaigns.

Nordic Nest shows its sustainability efforts. The company thereby demonstrates its commitment to responsible corporate governance. It also helps bring about a positive change for the environment and society.

News and current information about the company

Worldwide presence

Nordic Nest is a leading online retailer of Scandinavian design and home decor products. Nordic Nest's global presence has expanded significantly in recent years. She strives to bring Scandinavian design to a global audience.

The newest countries where Nordic Nest operates include some emerging markets. These markets show a growing interest in Nordic design. These include countries in Asia such as China, South Korea and Japan, where Nordic design has achieved a certain cult status. Markets in South America can also be the focus. Countries like Brazil and Argentina are of interest. A growing middle class there is increasingly looking for such furniture.

Additionally, Nordic Nest could expand its presence in the US and European countries. This can be done by expanding the range. It also helps to optimize customer service to meet the needs of buyers.

However, it is important to pay attention to the exact countries in which Nordic Nest operates or will expand. These can vary depending on strategies and trends. Therefore, it is worth following Nordic Nest's official channels. It also makes sense to pay attention to press releases. This way you stay informed about the company's latest developments.

Trends and the future in perspective

There are several interesting developments in terms of trends and the future for Nordic Nest. The company specializes in Nordic design and home decor products.

Sustainability: A trend in the home decor industry is the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Nordic Nest could further drive this trend. One possibility is to expand the range to include products made from recycled elements. Another option would be to work with designers who have an emphasis on sustainability.

Digitalization and personalization: With growing digitalization, personalized shopping experiences can become more important. Nordic Nest can customize its webshop to offer personalized offers based on customer preferences and behavior.

Expanding the range: Nordic Nest could expand its range beyond home decor products. This would diversify the company and expand its target audience.

Global expansion: Global expansion is likely to be an important point for Nordic Nest in 2024. This is particularly true for growing markets. There is increasing interest in Nordic design in these markets. By entering new markets, the company can maximize its growth.

Technological innovations: Technological innovations play a role in the area of ​​living. An example of this is the integration of augmented reality (AR) into the purchasing process. This allows customers to test products virtually in their own rooms.

Overall, Nordic Nest is expected to continue to focus on the quality and aesthetics that are the core elements of Scandinavian design. The company can consolidate its position by following current trends and continuing to innovate. As a leading provider of Scandinavian home decor products, it can strengthen its growth in the global market.

Partnership with Nordic Minimalism

Nordic Minimalism has been an affiliate partner of Nordic Nest since 2023. So-called affiliate links are used on the website. If a purchase is made through these links, Nordic Minimalism may receive a commission. However, as a user, nothing changes in the purchase price of a product.

Story behind the products

Nordic Nest Lamp - Flowerpot from &Tradition

The Flowerpot is an iconic design object that is one of the timeless classics of Scandinavian design. The Flowerpot was originally designed in 1969. The Danish architect and designer Verner Panton was behind the design. The Flowerpot quickly became a symbol of the innovative aesthetics of its time. It combines clean lines, bold colors and geometric shapes. This made the flowerpot an immediate success. It is now an integral part of many modern homes worldwide.

The Flowerpot's design reflects the optimistic and experimental atmosphere of the late 1960s. At the time, Panton was considered one of the leading designers. Inspired by the psychedelic era and the pop art movement, he created the Flowerpot. This lamp was not only functional but also had a strong visual presence.

The name of the lamp

The Flowerpot consists of two hemispherical lampshades that face each other symmetrically and are supported by a thin rod. These spherical elements are reminiscent of flower pots, which gives the product its name. The clear lines and minimalist design make the Flowerpot versatile. It fits seamlessly into different styles.

Since its launch, the Flowerpot has undergone various changes and reinterpretations that always keep it relevant and contemporary. The lamp is available in a variety of sizes and colors. This means it can be adapted to different room sizes and preferences. The Flowerpot is produced in different elements. These include metal, glass and plastic. This diversity of elements makes it suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Despite the passing decades, the flowerpot remains a symbol of Scandinavian design. It is a tribute to the creative vision of Verner Panton. Its timeless aesthetic and iconic status make it a sought-after item for enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. The Flowerpot remains inspiring because of its enduring popularity. It will be a resource for future generations of designers. They are fascinated by its design and artistic heritage.

Scandi Living carpet

The Scandi Living carpet embodies the timeless heritage of Scandinavian design and is a symbol of elegance. This rug was designed to show the characteristics of Nordic design. Not only does it offer a lovely element for any room. It also offers comfort and robustness for everyday use.

Developed by well-known Scandinavian designers, the Scandi Living carpet combines proven craftsmanship with modern elements and techniques. Inspired by nature and the natural landscapes of Scandinavia, the carpet stands out. It has clean lines, organic shapes and a subtle color palette.

The Scandi Living carpet uses high-quality elements such as wool, cotton or natural fibers. These elements provide a comfortable feeling. They also guarantee excellent durability and are easy to maintain. The workmanship emphasizes attention to detail. This means the carpet retains its beauty and quality even after years.

The popularity of the Scandi Living carpet extends across different home styles and concepts. This rug blends seamlessly into different environments. It suits everything from modern loft apartments to cozy country houses. It gives them a touch of Nordic elegance and warmth.

The growing interest in Scandinavian design has increased the demand for home accessories. Therefore, the Scandi Living carpet is likely to continue to play an important role in interior design. Through constant innovation, this carpet conquers the hearts of lovers. He adapts to changing trends. Therefore, it is expected to remain popular worldwide in the future.